US Weekly: Young & Hungry’s Emily Osment on ‘Funny and Crass’ Guest Star Betty White

US Weekly: Young & Hungry’s Emily Osment on ‘Funny and Crass’ Guest Star Betty White

On Young & Hungry, Betty White guest-stars as the quick-witted Ms. Wilson, who has a tendency to slip in sexual innuendos and provocative language whenever she can. Offscreen, costar Emily Osment says the role isn’t much of a stretch for the 95-year-old Hollywood icon. “She’s so funny and crass,” says Osment, who plays chef Gabi on the Freeform series. “She’s a legend! I still can’t believe I got to work with her.” Much like their characters on the show, Osment and White’s relationship on set quickly took an unexpected turn. “She called me a bitch one time, which I loved,” the Los Angeles native, 25, tells Us Weekly. “She was like, ‘Honey, you’re what we like to call a bitch [because] you’ve got blonde hair and blue eyes.’ She has blonde hair and blue eyes as well, so she was like, ‘We like to call ourselves that.’”

Osment reveled in the unconventional compliment from the actress. “I think I’m in a bitch club with Betty White!” she jokes. “To hear such a sweet, sweet woman who’s in her 90s use the type of language she uses — she’s hysterical.” On the series, now in its fifth season, Osment understands fans’ frustration with Gabi’s off-and-on relationship with her boss, Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) — but hints that the ups and downs will be worth the wait. “You want to see someone having turmoil or falling in love or out of love, that’s what makes good TV,” she explains, noting another tumultuous onscreen romance. “When we all watched Friends, we wanted Ross and Rachel to be together so bad,” she says. “They would get together for a few episodes and then they would break up because that’s the fun part: the chase.” Continue reading

Emily stops by People Now

Friday morning, Emily stopped by People Now to talk about Young & Hungry, Mother’s Day and much more. You can watch her appearance below and check out captures of the interview in the gallery.

Emily & Diana Snyder stop by The Today Show

Friday morning, Emily along with Young & Hungry writer, Diana Snyder stopped by The Today Show to talk about the new Young & Hungry cookbook and more. You can watch her appearance below and check out captures of the interview in the gallery.

Missi and Zach Might Bang! Episode 8 with Emily

This week on Might Bang! Missi and Zach talk to Emily Osment (Hannah Montana, Young and Hungry, Spy Kids) about playing Missi’s daughter (twice!), then we bust open a bag of wine and call our famous friends! Also, we sing the instant classic songs “Woke at Coachella”, “Might Be Home Late If You Want To Eat My Falafel”, and “Seventeen”.

Hollywood Life: Young & Hungry Cast Goes Head-To-Head In Game Of ‘This & That’

It’s time for a round of ‘This & That’ with the ‘Young & Hungry’ cast! has a super fun and hilarious EXCLUSIVE video of Emily Osment and the rest of the cast facing off against each other.

The Young & Hungry cast is putting their knowledge to the test in this EXCLUSIVE featurette. Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley, and Rex Lee play a game of “This & That” and it gets really competitive. The cast has to find the right word to complete the phrase, from “flesh and blood” to “trial and error” to “body and soul.” It’s hilarious to see what the cast comes up with right off the top of their head. At the beginning of the video, Rex quips that he’ll “totally kick her ass” in the game. Is he talking about Emily, Aimee, or Kym? After the game’s over, the cast asks who got what right. A little competition never hurt anyone!


Young & Hungry: 5×08, 5×09, & 5×10 Episodic Stills

42 high quality stills of Emily from the 8th, 9th & 10th episodes of Young & Hungry have been added into the gallery.

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